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Tue. 23 May, 11,30 am, Sala del Dottorato-Rettorato
Prof. Niels Obers, Director, Niels Bohr Institute di Copenhagen,   "Non-relativistic geometry in modern physics"

Wed. 24 May, 3 p.m.,   Aula A, Dipartimento di Fisica e Geologia, Edificio di Fisica
Dr.  Alessandro Nagar, Centro Enrico Fermi & Universita' di Torino,  "Onde gravitazionali da sistemi binari coalescenti: sinergia tra approcci analitici e numerici" 

Wed 26 April 2017 - time : 2,30 pm - Aula “Ex biblioteca” - Palazzo delle Scienze - Piazza Università:
Dr. Sofia Menconero, (Sapienza, Università di Roma) " Il rilievo 3D: dalle fotografie ai modelli tridimensionali"

Wed 21 June 2017 - time : 10,30 am  and 2,30 pm - Aula “Ex biblioteca” - Palazzo delle Scienze - Piazza Università:
Prof. Luis Pomar (Universitat des Illes Balears)  "Why do Carbonates Systems buck the trends of Sequence Stratigraphic Models?"  and  "Carbonate factories through the Mesozoic and the Cenozoic".

Mon  10 april 2017 - time: 3pm  - Aula “Ex biblioteca” - Palazzo delle Scienze - Piazza Università:

Prof. Cannata  "ICE-VOLC Project: unravelling the dynamics of Antarctica volcanoes".
Fri 07 April 2017 – time 11:00 am - Aula “Ex biblioteca” - Palazzo delle Scienze - Piazza Università:

Prof. Terry Plank, Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University , "Volatiles and Volcanic Vigor” 

Thu  30 march 2017 - time 11 am - Sala riunioni del CNR IRPI, in via della Madonna Alta 126,  Perugia:
Dr.  A. Pasini, CNR IAA " Modelli a rete neurale per applicazioni climatiche e di impatto."


Students that attend a specific Seminar are  invited to get the signature of the Speaker on the yellow Record Sheet to certify the participation and get the relative credits. Each seminar corresponds to 0.3 CFU




Ph.D. School on Carbon Forms, Paths and Processes – 15-20 October 2017 – Villa Grumello, Como, Italy - 6 CFU
This Ph.D. school is organised by the Ph.D. Course on Chemical, Geological and Environmental Sciences of the Milano Bicocca University (Milano, Italy)
The aim of the School is to present the state of the art of research studying the forms, the paths and the processes of carbon in the Earth in order to address the long-term fate of carbon on the planet. The School will consist of a series of invited lectures, practical sessions, and contributions from participants.
Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars pursuing research related to carbon science are invited to apply by June 15th 2017. All participants are encouraged to present a poster. Please, contact Dr. Carla Tiraboschi (Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.) for application or application queries.
More information are available on: website

Scuola Pialli 2017 "Thrust belt geometry and kinematics" 3 th - 6 th October 2017,   Dipartimento di Fisica e Geologia (Room F, Palazzo delle Scienze building) - 6 CFU.
Scuola Pialli is jointly organized by Dipartimento di Fisica e Geologia (Università di Perugia) and the GIGS (Gruppo Italiano di Geologia Strutturale). It aims at training PhD students and young researchers in Geology and Geophysics. The lectures will be held by Dr. Steve Boyer, worldwide expert on Thrust belts.
In the frame of the Scuola Pialli 2017, on friday 6th october, will be organised the "Chuck Kluth" workshop about the "Thrust belt in Italy: from surface to deep geology".
The maximum number of admitted students is 20 and the admission fee is 50 euro. For informations please feel free to contact Giorgio Minelli: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. or visit:

Cycle of Lessons on "Science Communication" – Aula F – Physics Building – 3 CFU

19 June,  10:30 am, Science communication models, an overview.  Nico Pitrelli – Sissa Trieste
19 June,  3:00 pm Science, technology and society: an analysis through the 2017 yearbook, Giuseppe Pellegrini - UniPadova

20 June,  10:30 am, An analysis of the development of public engagement events,  Leonardo Alfonsi - Psiquadro Perugia
20 June,  3:00 pm,  "Here I come". The audience of public engagement events, Leonardo Alfonsi - Psiquadro Perugia

26 June,  10:30 am, From Laboratories to press communication media, Enrica Battifoglia - ANSA
26 June,  3:00 pm,  Scientists in public, Stefano Bagnasco - INFN Torino

PhD School on Open Science Cloud  - 5-9 June 2017, Physics and Geology Department (Physics building)  - 6 CFU
This is the first edition of the "School on Open Science Cloud" (SOSC),  jointly organized by the Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnologies
and the Physics and Geology Departments of the University of Perugia. This school aims at training PhD Students and young researchers in Molecular sciences, Physics and IT by use of distributed and cloud computing for research and innovation.  Further information is available at the following address:

Cerlini Bongiannini : “Physics of Atmosphere”, February/March 2017 - 3 CFU

Vetere "Magmas, Eruptions and Hazard" 28-31 March  Short Course on Magmas Eruptions and Hazard third edition  - 3 CFU

Petrelli corso di LA-ICP_MS 7-9 giugno 2017, sito, - 3 CFU

Servoli : “Physics in Medicine”, date to be defined in agreement with INFN - 3 CFU

Chiodini “Geochimica dei sistemi idrotermali”, 20-30 May 2017 - 3 CFU

Capezzuoli-Ghinassi "Pliocene-Pleistocene continental deposits on Northern Apennines", workshop 16-18 June - 3 CFU

Comez - Corezzi- Burla - Comodi “Corso di metodologie spettroscopie e diffrattometriche” , June/July 2017- 3 CFU

Carlotti: “Nanomagnetism” April/May 2017- 6 CFU

Bertucci “Metodi statistici di analisi dei dati” October/December 2017 - 6 CFU

XIV edition of the School: Synchrotron Radiation: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications  18/29 September 2017, Muggia (Trieste).  The lecturers will be well known scientists with long standing experience on the use of synchrotron radiation in each specific topic; the lectures will be given in English - 6 CFU

LACES School “Lezioni Avanzate di Campi e Stringhe”, Arcetri (Firenze) Nov 21 – Dec 9 2016 - 6 CFU 

School, GGI Lectures on Theory of Fundamental Interactions, 9-27 Jan 2017 Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics Firenze - 6 CFU

Students interested to attend a specific Course are invited to contact the Teacher, in order to get detailed information about the schedule and the program.


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