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General templates for many administrative and bureocratic issues can be found in the website of the PhD Office of UniPG.


Here one can download the Templates relative to the Annual Reports to be presented to the PhD Board within the Internal Deadlines. Moreover, there are the templates of the documents that one has to complete in order to have the increment of the salary for the periods to be spent abroad or to use the funds available for the PhD Students (second and third year).


Template of the First Year Report (eng) (ita)

Template of the Second Year Report (eng) (ita)

Template of the Third Year Report (eng) (ita)

Template of the Final Report (to be enclosed with the Thesis for the external reviewer)  (eng) (ita)

Template for the annual Presentations in PowerPoint

Template for the increment of the salary, for the periods to be spent abroad.

Template for the request of  funds available for PhD students

Template of the request for attending schools or courses elsewhere

Template of the request to go for "campagne sul terreno"


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